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I provide graphic design for small businesses who want to develop and strengthen their brand voice.

I’ll work with you to develop designs that target your ideal audience and ensure that you are confident in applying and using your branding long after the design work has been completed.

This is me… Trish Burton

Do you ever engage a designer, get an amazing design and then just like that they are gone!

You have a whole folder of different files, beautiful designs and no idea what they all do!

Does this sound familiar?

I have been a designer for quite a while (20 years in fact) and in the early days I took my knowledge for granted and naively assumed my clients knew what I was talking about?!? (Now it’s just my family that doesn’t know what I am talking about…hehe)

It wasn’t until I had a little detour from being a graphic designer into the world of teaching graphic design that the penny finally dropped, so to speak.

I learnt how to educate people and never to take knowledge for granted. I now have a real respect for how empowering knowledge and education can be and I try my best to make sure others get the feeling of confidence that goes along with that.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I find it a bit intimidating to ask another professional about the seemingly obvious things related to their profession.

Sometimes their response sounds like gobbledygook… and then sometimes the response is even accompanied with a good old fashioned eye roll!!!… UNCOMFORTABLE… and where is my invisible cloak?

Now that I know what I do, I ensure I provide easy to understand resources so that all my clients can confidently have a little design lingo and understanding to get them by. They walk away happy and confident talkin’ the talk and walkin’ the walk!

Just some of the amazing clients I have worked with!

client_Emily Spicer Stuart
client_seriously sorted
client_The Digital Picnic
client_Uh Huh

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