Every. Single. Morning… and sometimes, if i’m lucky, twice a day…

That’s how often I go on what I like to all ‘The Great Key Hunt’.

This ritual has been going on for years so by now I’m pretty sure I either, subconsciously hide my keys, or we have gremlins in the house. Because why would I consciously cause myself such unnecessary drama and stress every single morning. This certainly gets the heart racing so the only conclusion I can make is this is my brain’s way to give me a pseudo workout!

But more realistically I’m simply a sucker for making my life a little more difficult than it actually needs to be.


This ‘process’ is also true for the sequence of events it has taken me to get to where I am now, ‘Trish Burton’, the designer.

I really don’t mind that it has taken this long to get here because I sincerely LOVE what I do and TB Design would be a completely different entity had I not had all my experiences to draw from.


My main lives before TB Design were:

  • As a graphic designer for a larger more broad organisation which showed me how a much bigger business worked and allowed me to have this experience
  • As a Visual Communication and Design Teacher which taught me that I really value teaching, learning and sharing knowledge
  • As a small business owner of Sit Stay Go which enlightened and surprised me and took me on the very steep learning curve of the evolution of a business
  • As a new mum which has taught me way more than words can ever express but, in particular, to value myself, trust that even when I have no idea in the world what I am doing, I’ll eventually get there. I am comforted by the fact that if I can raise a kid I can raise a business!

Combine all the above and you get the unique spin of me as a freelance graphic designer.

To put it briefly its a graphic designer meets someone who can’t help but share knowledge tips and tricks to teach people to do their own design (if they want to that is).

as my 5yo would say ‘sharing caring’ 🙂

Let me finish with a bit of BTS fun…

In the world of Trish Burton my ideal day is…

START WITH… I’d like to say run, (but realistically it’s a slow jog )

THEN… a coffee, whilst browsing instagram and pinterest for beautiful fun and gorgeous design

NEXT… off to a gallery, with my family in tow, to check out some amazing artworks. Complete with a chat with jack about the works.

FINISHING WITH… a red wine over some yumo, indulgent food.

ohhh did i mention all this is happening whilst on a family holiday in Paris 😉

trish burton