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‘Take a Leap’ – Aren’t they such powerful words to check in with every now and then!


This quote popped up in one of my feeds the other day and it got me thinking about taking leaps.

What leaps have I taken lately and what leaps will I plan to take in the near future?

Whilst deep in thought it occurred to me… I’m actually pretty ok at taking leaps… in fact I’M A FREAKIN LEAP FROG!

Over the last few years I have ‘leaped’ my butt all over the place (just to clarify I AM referring to my business life here) hahaha.

But I finally think I aced that last leap and landed on an actual lily pad, and not a face first, belly flop in the water… aka found my biz path, (see what I did there, leaping > frogs > leaping in life) WINK.

It’s funny as my last leap was the one right in front of me the whole time, kinda like the closest lily pad. I clearly am a sucker for punishment and wanted to have some fun belly flopping first.

On reflection I think I’ve worked out how I could have gotten here waaayyy more quickly, if your keen, have a read… Maybe it will help to minimise your face plants and belly flops too hahaha

It all started with ‘pregnancy’… how many times have we heard that before!

Well let’s face it; being the equivalent of a beached whale is sure to weird things to your brain.

You know how you have that little freak out just before child that life will be different and you need to ‘maintain you’, ‘keep your identity’, ‘stay married to your job…’?

I vividly remember I was not long from going on mat leave and I knew I had a year of leave. “A YEAR! Imagine what I could achieve in a year!!!” So I brainstormed all these great ideas of amazing programs I could initiate and plan for.

At this point I was a Graphic Design Teacher, Head of Design. I had been for 12 years and loved it! Loved teaching design and knew there was so much more potential than the classroom walls offered.

In a super pregnant state, I gathered my plans and research and excitedly took them to a more senior member of staff; a female, no kids. Her response was… (firstly to laugh)… followed by… “I don’t think you realise but you will have no time for anything else”.

On reflection I see that that could have been code for ‘just relax and enjoy being a mum’ but I interpreted it as ‘don’t be silly, you won’t be able to handle anything else other than being a mum’… Now if you’re like me, you’ll know that someone telling you that you can’t do something is a surefire way to prove them wrong.

I had my son, all was roses and sunshine and what I didn’t realise was that a new born sleeps a lot! Pair this quiet time with the fire in my belly and since I had been shut down by my workplace…. I decided I was going to start a business!

By the time I was snapped out of the blissful new born state into a routine of crying, no sleep, feeding… repeat my biz had traction. I was loving it and that was enough drive to keep me going. Well that and 8 cups of coffee some days!!!

I started my first biz under the name ‘Sit Stay Go’. I designed and handmade beautiful home wares, cushions, throws etc. They featured my paintings so I had a lovely mix of artistic and biz roles.

Then as my son got older, I noticed a ‘mum problem’ with availability of children’s educational resources… so Sit Stay Go evolved to addressing that.

Now I am a designer, my biz name is my actual name, and I love it. On reflection it is the most perfect job for me.

My design biz eventuated by sitting down and literally mind mapping my professional life. (Seriously I should have done this in the first place!)


Here’s what I asked myself:

  1. What did I love about all of my jobs and businesses?
  2. What did I hate?
  3. Then I tried to piece it all together to find something that included as many of my ‘loves’ and the least amount of my ‘hates’ (it’s not a world of unicorns and I knew I would still have to suck it up with some of these)
  4. THEN… like any good biz, it needed to solve a problem


This big mind map was ‘me’. So for me it was time to stop hiding and just put myself out there, so name and all Trish Burton Design was born.


Now I have started furnishing my lily pad and have no desire to be leap frogging anywhere else in a hurry 😉

TB xo