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Just the right ‘Wow Factor’ 

Create a memorable and unique experience

Whether you’re an interior designer, a stylist, a photographer or perhaps have a retail or hospitality space, when you work with me at Trish Burton Design, I do things a little differently to create your ‘Wow Factor’.

Imagine you have just finished a project, perhaps it was a clients house redesign, a feature wall in your fabulous new restaurant or magnificent upholstered chairs in your new store and its moments away from being revealed to your client or customers…. In they walk and they let out a little involuntary squeal, their voices get that octave louder as they rush to get a closer look at the delight that is your feature piece.

If you’re like me, you strive for that level of emotion everytime you take on a new project, even to the point of it keeping you up at night.


I’ve discovered the solution to creating this excitement is the emotion that can be achieved when we work together and really dig deep into your story, your brand story and create a narrative that is communicated through the artwork.

That emotional connection is not achieved from simply mimicking a trend as this is fleeting and fluid. A timeless piece can be created from the gems of information that are so often missed or overlooked. We take these and work together to turn them into a beautiful custom artwork

 When we work together I ensure I get to know the project… I mean really get to know it. A simple form and a few questions won’t suffice, I want to chat, over a coffe, perhaps a wine (whatever tickles your fancy). We go beyond your favouritecolour to really uncover what sparks joy for you, for your customers, for your clients or brings joy to the space.

This art work becomes a special collaboration because you are involved at each and every stage.

You say I’m ‘involved’… How EXACTLY does that work?

Below is a rough guide to the process involved for how we collaborate to create you bespoke piece… But remember, each situation and project is unique so be prepared for a tangent!

number 1

After we’ve swapped details via email or my contact form…

I’ll call you at an arranged time, (don’t worry I won’t surprise you at dinner time), so we can have a chat to get an initial scope of your project and a better idea of what you’d like to achieve.

number 2

Now it’s time to really get to know each other and unravel the story behind your vision. We’ll have a 1:1 meeting (If possible in person) and really dig deep and uncover the true gems to base your design around.

number 3

I’ll prepare a ‘return brief’, which is simply a detailed outline of what we previously chatted about and forms the basis of your artwork. There is nothing worse than big exciting chats only to forget half of the content!

I also share a personalised concept/mood board, which is a broad visual guide to the overall look of the piece…. an idea of colours, style, mood etc

Lastly I’ll have your quote, proposed timeline and Ts & Cs for you to sign off on. At this stage I’ll require a deposit to get started on your bespoke design.

    number 4

    Time to touch base again for a presentation of up to 3 concepts (initial ideas) drawings for your feedback. This will give you a really good idea of where your project is heading and we can discuss any changes or amendments before I go any further. After this stage it’s not possible to make any more dramatic changes.

    That means we need a big chat to go through all the concepts, eliminate anything that doesn’t sit right, talk about adding things that might be missing, basically exchange feedback and ‘chat it out’.

    Remember we are making this piece exceptional and that takes time and trust, so trust me, we need an open conversation where everything is on the table!

    number 5

    You sit back and relax (and please be patient) because I’ve got this stage covered. I’m in my studio creating your hand-crafted piece with care and consideration. It can’t be rushed but I promsie I will send you updates to see how your design is progressing.

    Your art work will be presented to you in a manner to best illustrate the final context.

    It may involve detail grabs, in situ mockups and/or alternate colorways.

    number 6

    If your design requires specialist production, You have access to my vendors list and if req. I will project manage the execution of your handcrafted design. Including site visit/s and availability during installation

    7. This is the most important step of the process…. To sit back and be proud. Admire your beautiful unique design. Rest assured this design is exclusively yours, created for you.

    – Wallpaper / Feature Walls

    – Fabric / Home Furnishings / upholstery

    – Theatre and Stage

    – Packaging

    – Brand Assets

    The list is endless! 

    You beautiful surface design piece is created on a realtionship of honestly and trust where we share our thoughts and opinions. It’s when we build a great working relationship that the magic happens.

    It is necessary to invest the time in this, I assure you it makes a remarkable difference.

    Afterall this special piece is your joy, your story; I contribute the talent, the tools, the knowledge and the hand crafted techniques to brign it to life.

    That’s what is different, we get to know each other so you feel comfortable to really uncover what sparks joy in your world and I get to know you so I can take that and transform it on to a visual that you will be increadibly proud of.

    First impressions count and a perfect way to ensure an emotive first impression is with a custom designed ‘it’ piece, an art piece designed completely and solely for the intended outcome.


    A custom artwork offers creative connectedness to the space and atmosphere.

    trish burton umbrella reflection

    I design and create luxe surface art that is intended to elevate or inspire a space, lifestyle or product. My designs are created in close collaboration with my clients to ensure the end product is a one off, custom art piece, that has been passionately created with the client and their unique personality and requirements front of mind. 


    I have worked in the design industry for 20+ years, gaining expertise in a number of fields including branding, illustration, editorial, surface design and textile design. I have worked with hundreds of people to make their unique vision come to life as well as coached and educated countless individuals in graphic design and textile design.

    Lets chat prices, shall we.



    Anywhere from one month to three months. It really depends on the complexity of the design. Don’t forget there is a lot of hand crafted elements in each piece, thats what make them so unique and special.


    I’m based in Melbourne, however, we can collaborate anywhere in the world… Thanks technology!


    Of course! that’s all part of the service, and beleive me I want to see the final work in all its glory too!


    Most certainly! We all need to work together to ensure your message is shouted loud and clear.


    Generally no as each piece is unique and handcrafted from scratch and all that takes a whole lot of time!


    Prices start at $10,000 for a hand crafted, custom creation completely unique to your desired outcome.


    Unfortuantely, not always.

    Because each peice is so carefully crafted and the hands on process is very involved I am only able to take on a certain amount of clients at a particular time. I do however, have a waiting list, so reach out and see.


    Of course!

    The more information I can get about a piece, including the intended space, the better. Understanding the size and location actually has a substantial effect on the success of a design.


    Get in touch, I love to chat new and exciting jobs. Its so hard to cover everything because everyoen is so innovative and creative in their vision.


    – Create unique, on off pieces, specifically for you.

    – Use a combination of digital and traditional art methods to ensure I capture your vision

    – Work REALLY closely with you to ensure we create something that you are extremely proud of.

    – Take the time to really get to know you and your job


    -Create similar designs from an image bank of art. Each piece is unique to you and must tell your story.

    – Have a lot of clients. Each piece takes a lot of time and patience that can’t be rushed, therefore I can only physically take on a certain amount of work.