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Edgy Elegance
Breathtaking, Luxe, Life-style designs that inspire the inordinary creative spaces

Unique and Bespoke Surface Design and Art

Imagine walking into a space and taking an involuntary gasp, stopping mid stride because you are face to face with a design that is so captivating, so unique and so perfectly suited to that space that, in that single moment, brings an incredible spark of joy into your universe.

Maybe you are a brand, an interior designer, or a style savvy individual and you have a project in mind that requires a certain edgy elegance that only a carefully crafted custom design can achieve.

If this sounds like, explore the relevant link below for more information or contact me via my contact for and I’ll get in touch to arrange a time for a consultation.

commercial designers and organisations

Just the right 'WOW' factor

Create a memorable and unique experience
brands_personal brand

The Show Stopper

Attention craving creativity and authenticity
private commissions

Uniquely You

Admiration for years to come
trish burton umbrella reflection

I’m Trish Burton,

I design and create luxe surface art that is intended to elevate or inspire a space, lifestyle or product. My designs are created in close collaboration with my clients to ensure the end product is a one off, custom art piece, that has been passionately created with the client and their unique personality and requirements front of mind.