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Imagine if you could create amazing artworks without the fear and overwhelm of simply starting  

If this excites you then ‘Re-Ignite Your Creativity’ is for you. This program is designed to have creatively curious women making bold, beautiful artworks, even if they don’t know how to draw.

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I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard…

I used to be so creative

I’m no good at drawing

I’d love to do something creative but I just don’t know where to start

Does this sound like you?

You have a secret dream to try your hand at something creative.

You’ve been admiring things your friends have created, or beautiful patterns you may have seen on products and you fondly reminisce about the past when you had the time or opportunity to practice creativity whether it be to paint, craft, sew, garden or bake.

But now you are completely overwhelmed by how to start, you worry you are not good enough or talented enough anymore and sadly your container full of beautiful, yet unused creative supplies sits gathering dust in the cupboard.

Imagine if you didn’t have the fear and overwhelm of starting?

Instead, you had a clear plan and confidence to produce something amazing that you would be so proud of.

What if this was you:

You are thoroughly enjoying and having so much fun getting back into your own creative hobbies

That draw of creative supplies gets a workout and you are a regular at the art supply store

You have endless ideas and lots of projects on the go that keep you fulfilled

You are so confident and realise the joy in creating is in the actual process of doing

That sounds like a long-winded goal right?!

Actually wrong! 

Most people think creating artworks and calling yourself an artist is being able to draw realistically.

That is one teeny tiny style of art and NOT what I focus on.

I’m NOT going to teach you to draw but I AM going to teach you to be creative with confidence.

By following my simple creative process to complete practical activities, along with ongoing support and encouragement you’ll be confidently creating artworks in no time.

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Re-Ignite Your Creativity is an 8 week program for creatively curious women that will make you fall in love with being creative again and have you producing actual artworks that you will be incredibly proud to share with your friends and family.


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The 8 week workshop that will have you confidently creating artworks in no time!


2x Monthly Payments

$224 AUD

Per Month


$390 AUD


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It’s a value-packed online course that guides you, step -by-step, through three unique and creative projects that will not only be 3 fantastic artworks but will also be building your creative confidence.

And because I love a good bonus, one of your artworks will get printed and made into an actual product! Think one of a kind cushion for your comfy chair or tote bag for your groceries.

Before you think this is getting a bit serious, and you feel a little worried that you are not creative enough or don’t have enough time to produce one work let alone 3.

Let me remind you, this course is tailored to people who WANT to be creative but don’t know where to start… NOT experienced artists.

You just need to WANT to be creative and perhaps be a little bit brave to simply begin.

The course is designed to support you through all the learnings and projects and the commitment of time you’ll need per project is perhaps a couple of hours… approx. 3 cups of coffee 🙂

The 8-week workshop will include:

3 fun creative projects with simple step by step instructions in video and written format.

All projects are accompanied by some great (yet digestible) information that will teach you tidbits about the ‘artsy’ stuff.

You will follow my 4-step Creative Process when creating your artworks.

This helps to remove the overwhelm and fear and assists to build your creative confidence.

 And… The best bit, at the end of the workshop one of your artworks will be printed and made into a usable object!

Don’t worry I’ll handle this bit, you just need to wait for the postie.

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I have created this process to take the fear, apprehension and overwhelming decision making out of the mix so you can be confidently creating artworks in no time.

It makes the process fun and really accessible so you, like thousands of other students I have taught, get results you are proud of and have fun doing so.


Before you create anything you need to decide WHAT to create, ensuring you have a purposeful direction to help inform how your artwork comes together.


This step is to get you inspired so you are excited to get started. I’ll give you access to all the resources I regularly use to get inspired which will save you hours of endless google searching. 


I know spontaneity is considered creative but a bit of planning goes a long way to ensuring your creativity and confidence stay intact.

I’ll gently guide you through understanding the necessary factors to consider when planning to ensure the most success.

In addition, I’ll share my trusty PDF worksheets and templates that you can use over and over when planning.


You’ve done all the hard work and you’re expected just to start, right?

It can be hard to just turn on the brain to begin creating, you need to use a little more of the right side of your brain than you are probably used to.

I’ll guide you through all my tips to get the right side of your brain engaged so you can quickly get in the creative zone.

‘Re-Ignite Your Creativity’ is thoughtfully designed around the following key areas to ensure you not only discover your love of creativity but you do it with confidence. 


3 projects unique to ‘Re-Ignite Your Creativity’. All require easily accessible materials and no prior skills are necessary. You can do them alone or involve the kids or grandkids. Most importantly, have fun with it. Presented to you as a video as well as written format. The projects are designed so you will have fantastic outcomes, they are easy to master and caster to all skill levels. often people who are wanting to embark on something creative get lost or lose interest very quickly because they have no direction. I’m taking out the decision-making and simplifying the process for you.



My 4 step process is based on the steps that I have used during my 20+ years in the creative industry and the techniques I used to teach both children and adults. Over time I have simplified the process to something that works every time and I’d like to share that with you. Being a creative person I often use visuals to explain a point in more detail or to extend the learning of a topic so I have included additional PDF cheat sheets and templates that will assist you throughout your projects


Fortnightly coaching live sessions where I will demonstrate the project and talk you through it. I’ll offer my expert advice and answer any questions you may have and address any creative dilemmas you may be struggling with


A private Facebook community where you can share ideas, and your work, and ask questions of me and/or the group. It’s such a wonderful thing to have access to a place where you can build your confidence by sharing your wins and your work without fear or judgement, just wonderful support.



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The 8 week workshop that will have you confidently creating artworks in no time!


2x Monthly Payments

$224 AUD

Per Month


$390 AUD

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Trish Burton is a Melbourne based artist, designer and educator with a dedication to inspiring creativity in others and creating works that evoke positive personal connections.

She skillfully manages to add a little piece of her magnetic personality to all she creates through her love of pattern and colour.

Trish takes inspiration from the day-to-day and in particular the special moments that make us stop, for just a second, before moving on with our busy lives.

Trish’s style is defined by her inclusion of intricate details, special touches or quirks that add a unique personality to her pieces.

Her goal is to enable others to get the joy she does from creativity and art, whether it be teaching creative practice or simply experiencing the visual joy of her pieces.


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years of creating my own artworks


years working as a graphic designer

Too Many

incredible clients to count


Lessons learned… you’ll have to sign up to see 😉

You said your live coaching calls are on Facebook. What if I'm not on Facebook?

All the Live coaching calls are recorded and made available to you. You can pre-submit your questions and then watch the calls at a later date. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a platform that suits everyone

I'm really busy, how much time will i need?

This workshop is designed to be fun and give you some time to zone out, not become an added thing on your to-do list. At the very least I would suggest 1- 1.5 hours a week, however, don’t be surprised if you get in the creative zone and find yourself not noticing the time gently passing. This is an added benefit of creativity, the mindful relaxation that comes with creating.

Do I have to be available at certain times?

It’s not 100% necessary to work to the schedule of the workshop, however, the live coaching calls are really fun and engaging and a great chance to ask any of your questions in real-time. If you miss these you can always ask questions in the Facebook group at any time and I’ll get back to you.

What is NOT covered in the course?

We cover A LOT in the course and the main focus is to build your confidence and get you reacquainted with being creative. The things we DON’T cover are various techniques for drawing/painting realistically and projects that require expensive and/or hard to find materials.

Is the course self paced?

Re-Ignite Your Creativity is self-paced so you can dip in and out as you please or as inspiration strikes. However, I will be introducing the projects every second week on a Live Facebook chat, where I will dig even deeper into the content. If you miss these you can access the calls in the member’s hub afterwards.

How much will the materials cost to do the course?

I try very hard to make sure all the materials you need are things that are inexpensive (yet still quality) and easily accessed at places such as large office supply stores. Each project will cost, on average $20-50 in materials. However, remember once you have the materials you will be building a fantastic supply of creative materials.

What skill level do I need to complete the course?

We welcome complete beginners or people with very little experience through to those who have done various creative projects over time but now need a push and some guidance to get back into it.

I'm a professional artist, is this course for me?

If you are a professional artist and can happily pick up some materials and begin work then I would say no. Re-Ignite Your Creativity is to help people who want to be creative but don’t know where to start.

I don't know how to draw, does this matter?

No worries, you definitely don’t need to know how to draw to do this course.

What if I have never created an artwork before?

Absolutely fine, the workshop will assist you to create your first artwork and then 2 more!

What currency is the course in? Am I able to pay over several months rather than in one go?

The prices are all in AUD Australian Dollars. If you pay in full it is $4??. You also have the option of a payment plan, ?????????. Paying in full with save you ????

When does the course start and finish?

It depends on when you enrol. The course is available 3-4 times a year and runs for 8 weeks. Bear in mind you can enrol as many times as you like as the projects are always changing!

Where do you get the products produced?

At the end of each course, you get one of your artworks turned into an actual product! Everything is produced in Australia, I work with several places depending on the product.

What sort of products will my artworks be turned into?

Each workshop round is partnered with a product (I run 3-4 rounds per year). Depending on what workshop you are enrolled in, the product may be a tote bag, cushion cover, tea towel or notebook, please note we are ALWAYS updating and adding new products. If there is a product you may want that is not available during your workshop, during the course I share with you my printing company preferences.



reignite your creativity logo

The 8 week workshop that will have you confidently creating artworks in no time!


2x Monthly Payments

$224 AUD

Per Month


$390 AUD