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Artist, Illustrator & Educator

Hi, I’m Trish, I create artworks for beautiful brands that want to stand out with something colourful, charming and clever. And… Because I want to share the love, I’m an educator and have an online course for creatively curious women who want to practice creativity but don’t know where to start.

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Trish Burton is a Melbourne based artist, designer and educator with a dedication to inspiring creativity in others and creating works that evoke positive personal connections.

She skillfully manages to add a little piece of her magnetic personality to all she creates through her love of pattern and colour.

Trish takes inspiration from the day-to-day and in particular the special moments that make us stop, for just a second, before moving on with our busy lives.

Trish’s style is defined by her inclusion of intricate details, special touches or quirks that add a unique personality to her pieces.

Her goal is to enable others to get the joy she does from creativity and art, whether it be teaching creative practice or simply experiencing the visual joy of her pieces.